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7 Clever Winter Car Care Tricks That Can Save You a Great Deal of Time and Trouble


7 Clever Winter Car Care Tricks That Can Save You a Great Deal of Time and Trouble

For drivers, winter is typically a depressing season because the chilly weather frequently brings to light the largest driving issues. Winter driving can provide a variety of difficulties, including changing the tires, wiping snow and ice off the car in the morning, and defrosting the glass and windows.

Frozen doors

How can frozen automobile doors be avoided? You can get rid of this annoying issue by using a typical cooking spray that is available at any grocery. Simply mist it onto the rubber door seals on your car, then rub it in with a paper towel.

Foggy windows

How to address the issue: Rubbing the glass with a chalkboard eraser will remove any fogging they may have. With the use of this method, a foggy window or windshield can be simply cleared without leaving a smudged mess behind.

How to avoid: Put cat litter in an old stocking or a cloth bag and put it under your car's seat. By absorbing moisture, the litter will stop fog from ever forming.

Don't keep open water bottles or other beverages in your vehicle overnight.

Window ice
How to deal with the issue: Spray a solution made of vinegar and water (3:1) onto icy windows to de-icer them.

Frosty side mirrors

How to prevent: Place plastic bags on the side mirrors overnight and secure them with rubber bands to prevent ice buildup. The mirrors won't need cleaning when you remove the plastic bags the following day because they are ice-free!

If your car is stuck in snow

In fact, it is quite simple to get your car unstuck on your own unless the windows are completely covered in snow.

How to fix the issue: It's a good idea to keep a few bags of kitty litter in your trunk if you drive on chilly, snowy days. Sprinkle some cat litter in front of the tires if your car gets stuck in deep snow or ice, and you can quickly escape the difficult situation.

Utilizing your floor mats is an excellent additional tip for removing your vehicle from a snowbank. Place the car's floor mats under the tires after removing them. This usually provides you with just enough traction to escape.

iced-up vehicle lock
How to deal with the issue: Using normal hand sanitizer is one simple cure for a frozen car lock. You can open your car with the help of the alcohol in it since it will melt the ice. Simply place a few drops of hand sanitizer into the keyhole or onto your key, and observe how effective it is.

Another tried-and-true approach to solving this issue is also available. Use a match or lighter to warm up your car key before inserting it into the lock. Be cautious to avoid burning yourself.