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7 Situations That Might Mean You’re in Danger


7 Situations That Might Mean You’re in Danger

Scammers prey on everyone, regardless of age or background, using everything from envelopes in the car to strange objects on the hood, making it difficult to predict who they will target next. Additionally, thieves and con artists are actually becoming more skilled in their efforts to approach you and use their cunning to defraud you or even harm you. Being aware of their most typical ploys is all we can do.

1. Envelope on a car seat

Even if you are certain your car was locked, finding an envelope on the passenger seat indicates that a break-in occurred. But the con game is far from over. The letter may contain a message like this:

"Dear Sir/Madam, We tested your car's security system, and as you can see, it is easily breached. Therefore, we need payment for this test in exchange for sending you a person who will truly install a better system.

But avoiding it is preferable. Because giving money to those who are threatening you will only make them more likely to do it in the future. Use a reputable vehicle service to periodically check your car's alarm system and call the police.

2. Water bottle on the car hood

Don't touch the water bottle if you spot it on the hood of your car; instead, drive straight to a body shop or the police and ask them to examine your vehicle for GPS trackers. This is due to the fact that kidnappers and traffickers most likely utilize the water bottle trick to force you out of your automobile so that you become a victim. So, even if it's not a bottle, if you see something strange on your hood, drive away and don't get out to throw it away.

3. Broken taxi meter

Get out of the taxi as soon as the driver informs you that the meter is broken after you enter. Don't allow him to start the car. If you seem like a tourist and are one, you can be charged much more than the standard cost.

4. Towing service from strangers

If you need assistance while driving, it's best to avoid accepting assistance from strangers unless you truly believe it to be safe to do so. Some towing businesses will take advantage of people who are stranded in remote locations.

Therefore, if a tow truck arrives but it's not the one you requested, refuse their assistance. This is due to the fact that they'll probably overcharge you and refuse to release your car unless you do. Call the company again and request the license plate number if you're unsure whether the tow truck is from the one you phoned or not so you can confirm it is.

5. Parking your car next to a van

It can occasionally be a mistake to park your automobile next to a larger vehicle. This is due to the fact that it blocks your view and you could easily become the victim of a criminal lurking behind it. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid parking next to trucks or cargo vans.

6. The bank asks you for your PIN number

One thing to keep in mind is that your bank will never request your PIN or other banking passwords. As a result, hang up the phone as soon as someone wanting to speak to you on the phone claims to be from the bank. Next, call your bank to inform them of what happened using the contact information listed on their official website's "contact us" page.

7. You have been asked to pay in an unusual way

A legitimate business won't request payment using MoneyGram, Western Union, or even gift cards and vouchers. If they do, you have likely been contacted by a fraudulent business. Additionally, avoid them and don't pay them if they pressure you to make the transfer right away.