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7 Things to Keep in Your Car That Are Absolute Lifesavers


7 Things to Keep in Your Car That Are Absolute Lifesavers

When taking a road trip or just stopping for food on the way home from work, there are many useful tips you can use to fix your car problems. You might be surprised at how simple and enjoyable it is to fix your own car problems without shelling out a ton of cash if you just use a little creativity.

1. Nail file to cover scratches

One of the best items to keep in your car throughout the winter is certainly a nail file. The rubber strip on your windshield doesn't truly function to its full potential when it is caked with snow and mud.

The wipers need to be removed in order to be fixed, and they should then be filed with a nail file. You'll be prepared for a few months for that special road trip you were planning if you do it this way.

2. Hair conditioner to shine

The best thing to do is apply hair conditioner to maintain your automobile shining and prevent the emergence of water marks.

Get a pail of water, add some car wash soap, and then wash your car in straight lines. After you're done, make sure to promptly rinse. If the water in the bucket becomes soiled, replace it. Once you've finished, pour a half-cup of hair conditioner into the bucket and use a towel to spread it over your automobile. Rinse it thoroughly, then dry it with a different cloth.

3. Keep your food hot

Even while you might not be able to utilize this as a quick first-aid tip, it can be a useful suggestion when you order takeout.

There is no need to worry about your food getting cold. Put your food on the seat and put on the seat warmer while you drive home. This is applicable to any type of meal, including nachos, pizza, and burritos.

4. Coffee filter for the interior mess

The small spills in your automobile can be contained and absorbed with the use of a coffee filter. A few of these should be kept in your car just in case. Simply spread some olive oil on the coffee filter, then use it to wipe the console of your automobile. It works on interior doors as well as leather seats.

5. Cereal container as trashcan

The most practical item to use as a trashcan in your car to keep it tidy and organized would be an empty cereal box. A cereal box's lid can secure the trash bag inside and hold the trash inside to prevent it from spilling out while you're driving. As it is stiff and simple to move to the side, it won't significantly reduce the amount of legroom in the passenger seat.

6. Pill bottle to store coins

You might wish to organize the pennies that are lying about in your car. The easiest approach to avoid this is to stack them in an old pill bottle rather than collecting them all in your wallet and bringing them around with you.

7. Rubber kitchen gloves to remove pet hair

Put on the rubber gloves, wet your fingers with a little water to make them a little damp, and then rub them over the seats of your automobile. You'll observe that some of your pets' hair can be taken up with ease.